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Pinterest Analytics

A scattered landscape.

There have been many Pinterest analytics tools over the last few years that have come and gone, and I have had the pleasure of using almost all of them at some time. If you were not satisfied with the basic numbers shown in Pinterest you had to find a tool to provide more information, especially for companies who had to justify that their Pinterest strategy was actually making a contribution to their business plan. I recall Pingraphy that became ViralTag. Other names include 10alike, Reachli, Pinerly, and Pinreach (which is now Tailwind). I have used Curalate which is still available, and of course, there is Piqora. From this collection of tools, some of those that were killed off still have many Twitter accounts live where the last tweet was dated 2012.

Pinterest Analytics

One of my Reachli reports from 2013

Upgraded Pinterest analytics now available for business accounts.

Pinterest has now upgraded the analytics available from the platform itself that was first launched in 2013. This is what they said when it was first launched “Pinterest Web Analytics helps businesses and website owners understand how pinners are engaging with their content”. It looked like this:

Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest are clearly expressing why they have upgraded their analytics. Jason Costa, the product manager at Pinterest said the following to Mashable; “We’re pretty excited about this because it’s actually our first global business tool launch that we’re doing. We talk here at Pinterest a lot about the importance of the user experience and how the Pinner side of the ecosystem is important to us. Businesses are equally and critically important to us as well.” Here is what the overview looks like:

Pinterest Analytics

The first section is about your profile in general, the second one about your audience and the third about the activity from your website when images were pinned. You can click on each section to see more details, and there is a colour code for each section. You can hover your mouse pointer on the curves to see data per day.

Your Pinterest profile – Pinterest Analytics

Let’s look deeper into the first section beyond the overview, “your Pinterest profile”. Here you will find separate data about impressions (e.g. average daily impressions), clicks (e.g. average daily clicks), repins (e.g. average daily repinners) and all time data.In the impressions section, it shows two tables as well as data on a curve. Top Pin impressions from the last 30 days and the boards with top Pin impressions from the last 30 days. You can change the date range from 7, 14 or 30 days. You can also export the data. The data exported is what you see on screen. You can also change the view from all apps to just the data for visitors using iPads, or Android tablets, or the mobile web as a whole etc.


Nice to see handy tips throughout. #Kudos


Your Audience

This section features demographic data like countries, cities, languages, and the gender of your visitors. some key metrics which could be used to indicate the business importance of Pinterest can be found here. For example;

  • Interests: What your audience is into
  • Brands: Businesses your audience engages
  • Boards: Audience boards with lots of your Pins
  • Average monthly engaged
  • Average monthly viewers.

Naturally, the interest metrics from your audience are key ones. Did you manage to trigger the audience you targeted? This section will confirm that either way.


Tips appear here too plus the export function and the choice to view the data for just the followers of your boards or all the audience that engaged but were not explicitly following your boards.

Activity from your registered web site to Pinterest

The final section looks at the activity from your registered web site to Pinterest. Data in this section is split into these sections; Impressions, repins (how Pins from your website spread across Pinterest), clicks (visits back to your website from Pinterest), original pins (unique Pins created directly from your website), all-time, and the pin it button. Data can be exported and viewed by different apps as before.

Pin it button

You can boost the results in this section by adding the official Pin It button to your website to see how Pins created from your domain send you referral traffic from Pinterest.If you do not have the Pin It button installed, you are very likely to still see results in the original pins and repin sections.

Best of the rest

There are still some very good Pinterest analytics tools available.

Piqora describes itself as the complete marketing suite for the visual web, Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr.

Launch and track user-friendly Pinterest and Instagram promotions and monitor and measure your competitors’ official brand accounts plus much more.

Pinterest Analytics

Tailwind pro demo showing competitor benchmarks

I still actively use Tailwind. This app says it can monitor all your Pinterest activity related to your company, products and competitors, #hashtags, and can create reports that could turn insights into real business results.

A visual marketing tool for small businesses that describes itself as helping to drive engagement and traffic to your website by effectively publishing your visual content.

Twitter list about Pinterest
For the past few years I have run a Twitter list that has the Twitter accounts of the Pinterest analytic tools. Feel free to subscribe and keep up to date.

Pinterest Analytics – In summary

It was about time that Pinterest delivered a solid analytics package for business users and finally we have it. Now businesses can track how their pins perform and in addition see what users are pinning from the web site. Adding demographic information like the brands/ businesses your audience engaged with and the interests they have are really key additions. There is still room for other platforms, that can add competitor benchmarking and hashtag trends but for how long before Pinterest introduces these too?

Now is the time to use these tools to prove to your business sponsors that your visual platforms like Pinterest are returning business value and customer insights.

You can view your own Pinterest analytics by signing up for a business account and then going to


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I am a self-motivated digital marketer specializing in social media, an “out of the box” thinker with an analytical approach. Experimentation and discovery are key drivers behind this blog, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest and my Facebook communities. I work as the Director of Social Media at Philips Lighting.
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I am a self-motivated digital marketer specializing in social media, an “out of the box” thinker with an analytical approach. Experimentation and discovery are key drivers behind this blog, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest and my Facebook communities. I work as the Director of Social Media at Philips Lighting.


  1. Hi Clive – Thanks so much for writing about Pingraphy in the past. We’re now called Viraltag and have added some great features for visual content marketing. We’re also happy to tell you Viraltag is now running on Pinterest’s API. With the new data we’re building more functionality to make Viraltag an even more powerful platform for our users. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me directly — Jilly Badanes, Director of Marketing @ Viraltag.

    • Thanks Jilly for the update. I also have an account on ViralTag, and good to see that you have access to the Pinterest API

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