Pinterest Attribution and Easy Sharing with Flickr

Pinterest Attribution


Pins are the most useful when they link back to the original source. Today, we’re excited to announce that we’ve worked with Flickr and other communities to make it easier to pin and credit content creators. Images with sharing enabled on Flickr now have a Pin It button, and pins from Flickr now…

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Hootsuite Apps

Hootsuite Apps

HootSuite has a group of applications that HootSuite users can add to their dashboards to manage their Social Media touch points all from within Hootsuite. I had previously created a post when this was launched by Hootsuite, and it was featured in their November 2011 Hootsuite blog. It has progressed nicely since then.

Where to find the App directory

Login to your Hootsuite account, go to tools, then app directory.

Hootsuite Apps – The selection

There is a nice selection of various applications, which is being added to all the time. For example..

  • Vision Critical Surveys lets you easily design and send surveys to get quick and actionable data to support your business decisions.
  • InboxQ is an application to show what you know, earn new followers and generate business leads by answering questions on Twitter.
  • TrendSpottr lets you find the most timely and trending content from across the social web.
  • Digg, Get satisfaction, Tumblr, YouTube and Flickr are all applications in the directory and there many more.