Pinterest ROI in 10 Steps

10 steps for Pinterest ROI

The percentage of daily Pinterest users that consult it for purchasing guidance while in a store is estimated at 52%. With this trend in mind, how should you deploy Pinterest as a part of your social media strategy? How could you measure success leading to positive return?. Here are 10 steps for Pinterest ROI to help you do just that!

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Oh, How Pinteresting!: Introducing Pinterest Web Analytics

Pinterest web analytics

Now verified Pinterest accounts can see statistics about their pins. Clicks and impressions are also included. Clicks were one of the major reasons to decide to use a service like Reachli.

If you have a verified website, you’ll get information about how many people have pinned from your site, how many people have seen these pins, and how many people visited your site from Pinterest.


imageBloggers, businesses, and organizations often ask us, “what are people pinning from my websites?” These website owners help create the content on Pinterest and we wanted to help them understand which pieces of content people find most interesting.

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Oh, How Pinteresting!: Introducing Pinterest Web Analytics