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Tumblr analytics

Free analytics is coming soon for Tumblr. If you are a Tumblr blogger, now is the time to consider looking at just how far your Tumblr interaction goes.


We’re about to open up our free Union Metrics for Tumblr analytics! Sign up for the waiting list to be the first to try them. We’re going to be talking more about some of the features included in our new individual blog analytics over the next few weeks.

Up first, our reblog tree! Have you seen our reblog tree?

For any post on Tumblr, we can map out exactly how the post spread through Tumblr via reblogs. This includes any direct reblogs of your original post, as well as reblogs of those reblogs, and even reblogs of reblogs of reblogs. We’ve seen posts that are still getting reblogs more than 110 degrees removed from the original post!

Why is this important? Well, you can see who reblogs your posts, where they find your content, and who is responsible for amplifying your posts the most. Want to find your biggest fans and advocates? Identify influencers in your network? See how content moves through Tumblr? Find new blogs to follow? Check your reblog tree!


The Rise Of The Visual Web – Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest

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“Three social networks in particular – Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram – each gained more than 10 million visitors over the course of the year in part by catering to a desire for more visually appealing content. comScore has called this phenomenon “the rise of the visual web.”

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