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The Adventures of Tamzina and Avril (2009)

In 2009 I wrote story for children specifically for Twitter. Updates were made each week via Twitter (6,500+ followers), and automatically sent to a Facebook page (5,000+likes) for those who wanted to follow the story there. I devised all the story lines and created all the characters. A blog, website and MySpace page followed later. The characters also had real email addresses and real Twitter accounts that they used while the story progressed. I had created the concept 2 years earlier, but Twitter was the catalyst for the story to go live.

“Follow the young adventurers as they grow up in Wigglestead. Kids seeing the world through innocent eyes, with imaginative minds!”

The main characters were Tamzina and her sister Avril who were from the main family that the story revolved around, the Roan family. Here are some of the supporting characters in the story. Some were based on work colleagues who knew that they would be featured. Doctor Cecil Henry, Eva Gabreal from Australia and her fish Nemo, the Rubber band man, Snap the dog, and Mrs. Ramsbottom the Moorsville park attendant. Tamzina and Avril also have some great friends, like Maci Martinez from Phoenix Arizona, Sameer, and Susan Turner. There were also some people to avoid, like the rough boys who live in Gordonsville!


Tamzina and Avril – The Roan Family


Full name: Tamzina Carol Roan. Age 9. Date of birth 5th March 2000. Likes Lollipops, Facebook, Twitter, Sameer Majhi. Dislikes Babies and nappies, and the News. Is good at Netball, running, cycling, texting, and telling lies.

Multi Colored Lollipop Candy liked by Tamzina and Avril

Multi Colored Lollipop Candy liked by Tamzina ans Avril

Full name Avril Anastasia Roan. Age 7. Date of birth 25th September 2002. Likes Lollipops, The Sims, Twitter, TV, Susan Turner. Dislikes Waiting around, the family Chrysler Voyager which she calls the Big Devil car. Is good at Writing and telling stories.

Full name Simone Mary Roan. Age 5. Date of birth 29th April 2004. Likes food, anytime, anywhere. Dislikes sitting still. Is good at saying Twat, bang, zonk.

Full name Jill Amanda Roan. Age 33. Date of birth 2nd April 1976. Likes reading, teaching, cooking, working in the Moorsville Church committee. Job teaches at Gordonsville school.

Full name Martin Augustus Roan. Age 33. Date of birth 1st May 1976. Likes computers, PDAs, Robert Palmer, T Rex, Electric Light Orchestra. Job as a webmaster in the Hogshead Business Park.




Tamzina and Avril – “Arguing with Mr. Blue?”

We all looked up, and even Maci stopped typing a text message she was busy with. Oh no We could all hear the catchy drum beat. Dad had started to play his records, “black wheels” to me. We all rushed up the stairs to see more. Mohan was in front, Tamzina behind him, with Maci pulling her back. I had my face crushed between her handbag and the wall, with Simone last Then we could hear the words – “Sun is shinin’ in the sky, there ain’t a cloud in sight, it’s stopped rainin’ ev’rybody’s in a play and don’t you know it’s a beautiful new day hey, hey”. Tamzina shouted out “it is Mr. Blue sky”. I thought to myself “Mr. What, Mr. Blue?”
Mohan was already at the door of the fun palace, which was the name my Dad had given to his office on the third floor. “Shhh” he softly said The rest of us had arrived as a mangled mess of limbs after our hectic race up the narrow stairs. “Your Dad is playing air guitar”, he said. We all leaned over to look in. Tamzina, Mohan, and Maci’s heads at the top, and Simone and I looking wide-eyed at the bottom of the door. My Dad did not notice us as the music was too loud and his back was facing the door. He was playing his air guitar like a rock star on stage Then he made the fatal decision to play an imaginary Cello as the song was ending. He leaned backwards and lost balance and tumbled down. Simone’s nose was almost lined up with our Dad’s nose. She looked confused at what she had seen. He landed flat on his back, but his left foot pulled out the mains lead, and caused the record to slow down and the music groaned to a stop. He was looking up at us, and we were looking down at him. Mohan could not keep his laughter in and laughed loudly and Tamzina joined in. Tamzina and Mohan were still laughing as they went downstairs to go on Twitter. Simone looked at Dad, “were you arguing with Mr. Blue?” 



Tamzina and Avril live in Wigglestead

Tamzina and Avril live in Wigglestead


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